The GreaterGood Mission

The world is up against some big problems: disease, food scarcity, climate change, to name a few. Solving them requires attention from the brightest minds.

Too many gifted people are employed by global companies where they are paid handsomely to maximize profit. You could say, too many of the right people are working on the wrong problems. This is a misallocation of human capital. 

Meanwhile, the socially-responsible companies can’t attract or hire the talent they need to create meaningful change in the world.  We need to move and migrate talent to do noble work that serves humanity. 

purpose before profit. purpose before profit.
purpose before profit. purpose before profit.

Our mission is to connect great hearts and great minds with companies doing important and innovative work that benefits us all, collectively.

Our Team

GreaterGood Jobs is brought to you by the team at Laudi Talent Advisory. Over the last two decades, we’ve seen Toronto’s hiring landscape change and the war for talent heat up. 

While purpose-driven companies struggle to attract talent, people like you want to do work that matters.  Career sites are overcrowded, and serve a different agenda. This is an important problem with long-term consequences to society.  

We decided to apply our knowledge of Toronto employers, career growth, and recruiting to create a job hunting experience that would introduce job seekers to impactful companies they never knew existed. GreaterGood Jobs is the result.

A Job Board for Good

Most job boards don’t differentiate between companies that strive for power and profit, and those with a noble purpose.

GreaterGood Jobs syndicates jobs from Toronto’s most impactful companies so you can quickly filter for the kind of work that matters to you – and the rest of us on this planet.

Quality over Quantity

Sometimes, this job board may look sparse. That's ok. We're committed to showcasing companies that do better-for-us work. If quantity is what you're looking for, please pop on over to LinkedIn or Indeed.

Impact Focused

A spot on our job board isn't an award, accreditation, or acknowledgement that can be bought. We feature companies that do good. Plain and simple.