Staff Software Engineer, Backend


Job Function
Toronto | Development | Veteran

As a Staff Backend Engineer, you’ll use leading-edge technologies to innovate high-load, highly concurrent, server applications that directly impact ecobee’s success. We encourage the freedom to investigate and evaluate new technologies to solve complex problems and to learn from and help shape our company’s engineering culture. Your input will have a significant impact on our company and its objectives.

You should not only be familiar with how to get your code “live” from getting it reviewed, merged, then deployed on the cloud or in a data center, but also be able to see where improvements can be made. You care deeply about the stability of what you build so our customers have a great experience 24/7; this means being on a team that believes in and relies on metrics, a healthy on-call rotation to react to anomalies, and in general, creating wonderfully robust systems.

What You’ll Bring to the Table:  

– Finding new and better ways to solve complex problems

– Comfortable with systems design and architecture 

– Ability to dive into issues of scale, concurrency, massive data sets, security, redundancy, failover, and everything else in between

– We use mostly Go and a little Java - so you’re not shy of mixing it up because you understand the importance of “the right tool for the right job”

– Experience implementing and debugging microservices leveraging Google Cloud Platform/AWS tooling and services as well as the data stores and databases (NoSQL and relational) they use 

– You also understand and advocate the craft of software development, automated testing, design patterns, continuous integration, deployment, etc.

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