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We’re looking for a strong technical leader who has a passion for building Cloud-based SaaS infrastructure and the mobile applications it powers. We need someone with experience building robust mobile applications on both iOS and Android, and with building out APIs and the supporting cloud infrastructure to power those apps. As a Staff Engineer – Mobile, you are someone who can redefine engineering capability and constantly push boundaries. You will be the glue between FreshBooks’ cloud infrastructure and our mobile app offerings. An effective communicator, a mentor who can think on their feet and be able to come up with practical, simple solutions to complex problems. 

If this appeals to you, please come and chat with us to learn more about how you can become a part of building the future of mobile at FreshBooks!

What you’ll do:

– Collaborate with cross-functional Product teams working on features for our customers.

– Design and build mobile-specific components, leveraging your skills in both mobile development and cloud services implementation to understand trade-offs.  

– Craft and execute on a scalable information architecture that will serve the needs of iOS, Android and mobile web interfaces to the FreshBooks ecosystem.

– Inspire a quality-first culture built around test automation to protect our API and our application code from regressions.

– Communicate technical vision and challenges to different levels of the business including the Senior Leadership group. 

– Support and help in growing the technical expertise of the mobile team as they continue to work and touch services outside their realm.

– Develop a deep understanding of multiple parts of our stack as well as the processes and technologies relevant to our tech space.

– Support the mobile products & their cloud counterpart services from end to end.

– Raise the bar for our team through best practices, automation, documentation, and hiring.

What you Bring:

– At least 10 years of experience in software development, spread across web and mobile applications.

– Solid experience in one or more of our core mobile languages – Python, Java and Swift.

– Experience with cloud-native and microservice-based architectures.

– Experience working with large mobile codebases and writing robust and testable code.

– Passion for writing elegant, clean code that values readability over complexity.

– A solid understanding of Cloud computing concepts, solutions and security.

– Experience with continuous integration and automated build pipelines.

– Understanding of Docker-based containers, Kubernetes, or other container schedulers.

– Experience in designing, writing and building with REST APIs.

– A deep understanding of test-driven (and behavioural test driven) development, and of building substantially complete test code, and not just for the happy path.

– The ability to balance the desire to ship code quickly to our customers with the responsibility of making good technical decisions.

– A long-standing habit of continuous learning, and of applying new technologies, architectures, and methodologies to improve the code and Engineering organization.

– Proven ability to articulate the value of foundational technology approaches to technology leaders.

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