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Remote in North America | Customer Success | Manager

We are hiring a Manager, Scaled Customer Success, to join our young, fast-growing company (rewarded by Great Place to Work and the Globe and Mail) on our mission to help scientists create and share beautiful, professional scientific figures. 

As the Manager, Scaled Customer Success, you will build, lead, and mentor a team of 8-10 Customer Success Associates to achieve a personal and team net-retention rate of over 95% within the first 6 months. 

You will continuously refine the customer success process, implement a pooled/scaled/digital model approach, and develop strategies to ensure scalability and efficiency, ultimately enabling the CSA team to span from 80:1 to 160:1 over the next 3 years while scaling the team to support the growth of our customer base.

Our ideal fit:

– Leadership: Strong ability to motivate, guide, and support a team of customer success associates, fostering a positive work environment and driving individual and team performance.

– Analytical skills: Proficient in using data to identify trends, opportunities, and areas for improvement in customer success operations, ensuring data-driven decision-making and process optimizations.

– Project management: Skilled in planning and executing customer success initiatives and projects, balancing the team’s and customers’ needs while ensuring timely and efficient delivery of desired outcomes.

– Collaboration and stakeholder management: Adept at working closely with cross-functional partners, including sales, product, and support teams, to drive customer success and satisfaction.

– Communication skills: Exceptional verbal and written communication abilities, enabling clear and concise communication of information to customers, team members, and other stakeholders.

– Empathy and active listening: Understand and anticipate customer needs, showing genuine concern for their challenges, and taking proactive steps to address their concerns.

– Adaptability: Comfortable in a dynamic and fast-paced environment, demonstrating resilience and flexibility in adapting to change and leading the team through periods of growth or uncertainty.

– Process improvement: Adept at identifying inefficiencies in the customer success process, applying industry best practices, and implementing solutions to streamline and optimize the customer experience.

– Customer-centric mindset: Possess a deep understanding of customer needs and expectations, constantly striving to deliver exceptional customer experiences and exceed customer expectations.

– Team development: Skilled in identifying and nurturing talent, providing constructive feedback and guidance, and creating professional growth and development opportunities for the customer success team.

What you’ll be doing:

– Support the team to maintain a 95% net retention rate for key SMB accounts within the first 6 months by providing exceptional support, guidance, and customer experience.

– Develop and implement a successful pooled model approach for Customer Success Associates within the first 3 months, improving efficiency and customer satisfaction.

– Evaluate, refine, and optimize the existing customer success process, incorporating industry best practices and data-driven insights.

– Lead the team in successfully upselling and expanding services for at least 30% of the customer base within the first year, driving increased revenue and growth.

– Scale the team by interviewing and hiring CSA candidates and incorporating process improvements and technology-driven engagement within 9 months.  

– Partner with CS Leadership and the Program Management team to implement software systems and tools to streamline customer success operations, enhance communication, and enable the team to scale effectively.

– Partner with CS Program Management to establish a comprehensive training and onboarding program for new customer success associates, setting them up for long-term success and growth within the organization.

What you bring to the table:

– 3+ years of experience leading and managing high-performing customer success teams in a fast-paced, growth-oriented Saas organization

– Demonstrated success in implementing process improvements, new strategies, and systems that have resulted in increased customer retention and satisfaction

– Hands-on experience working with a pooled model approach to customer success and familiarity with industry best practices for customer success management

– Experience owning renewals and subscription-based upsell processes and outcomes

– Prior life sciences experience and/or Bachelor of Science degree or equivalent is a plus (e.g. within the fields of life science including biology, biotechnology, biomedical engineering, biochemistry, etc.)

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