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Toronto | Development | Senior

Here at BiblioCommons we offer an opportunity to work in an environment that combines the challenges and complexity of a large-scale, data-intensive application with the creativity and fun of a sophisticated consumer software offering that is central to the daily interactions of millions of users. We are a highly collaborative team that applies innovative solutions to challenging problems. We believe strongly in shipping code early and often, and investing heavily in automation to make that possible. We are also committed to doing things right and always looking for ways to do them better. We take the time to optimize and redesign systems to be more robust and scalable.Job Description:

You will enjoy and be successful in this role if you are:

●    A supportive team member who leads by example

●    Able to effectively communicate technical concepts to non-technical people

●    Awesome at teaching others your skills

How you will make an impact:

●    Collaborate with team members to plan new features

●    Write robust, modular, and testable code

●    Support your Engineering peers with regular code reviews

●    Contribute to components in shared code repositories

●    Address tech debt at the right times for faster feature delivery

What you will bring to the team:

●    6+ years of software development experience

●    4+ years of Python or PHP experience

●    Effective interpersonal skills and experience collaborating across teams

●    Experience with error logging and performance monitoring tools

●    Strong debugging skills

●    Familiarity with Agile development practices

●    Experience designing REST APIs

●    Knowledge of caching strategies and how to get the most out of them

●    Solid understanding of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript

●    Experience configuring web servers and databases

Bonus Points for:

●    Understanding of web accessibility design patterns

●    Experience working with AWS

●    Docker knowledge

●    Familiarity with WordPress development

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