Senior Data Scientist


Team Canada
Remote in Canada
Job Function
Remote in Canada | Data | Senior

What your day-to-day will look like: 

– You will collaborate and influence senior leadership to ensure Data Science directly impacts strategy 

– As your first task, you will leverage NLP techniques for web scraping to build a custom email automation platform that maximizes incoming company sales leads!

– You will draw connections about a domain’s change in Facebook followers and it’s likelihood to take a capital infusion and so much more

– You will analyze and build models on data, but will have the autonomy to collect their own data via purchase, web scraping (highly encouraged), and manual collection (via outsourced contractors)

– You will conduct original analyses to advise and influence product, engineering, and operations efforts

You will thrive if you have:

– Exceptional time-management and organization skills – you can manage project ambiguity, complexity, and interdependencies

– Excellent interpersonal skills – you are able work with and influence a diverse group of stakeholders

– A self-starter mindset – you enjoy discussing a problem and after the discussion is over, you can’t wait to get started on the execution of a project!

– The ability to think outside the box and understand the bigger picture – you are an innovative thinker

– Demonstrated the ability to thrive in a fast-paced environment, while collaborating with and influencing business partners to achieve strategic goals

Technical Requirements: 

– 4+ years of experience in a Statistician, Researcher, Machine Learning Engineer, Data Engineer, or Data Analyst role

– A Bachelor’s Master’s, and/or PhD in Statistics, Machine Learning, Mathematics, Computer Science, Economics or any other related quantitative field

– Experience with Python, Kubernetes/Docker, Version Control/Git, Snowflake/SQL, Analytics, and Statistics

– Experience with spaCy, word embedding, web scraping for data collection

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