Machine Learning Platform Engineer


Team Canada
Remote in Canada
Job Function
Remote in Canada | Development | Intermediate

This is a hybrid role that bridges Data Science and Engineering.

What your day-to-day will look like:

– You will work on the Data Science team to help unlock growth capital for founders

– You will design, implement, and maintain solutions that enable reproducible research with short cycle times

– You will work on increasing the speed of going from a data science prototype to a production solution

– You will use Data Science to improve our data-driven underwriting and risk strategy, or conducting experimental projects

You will thrive if you:

– Are a Data Platform Engineer / Data Scientist with a strong background in software engineering

– Have 3-4 years of experience working in a production data science environment

– Have 2+ years of experience working with backend Python-based frameworks

– Have 2+ years of experience working with SQL and NoSQL databases

– Real-world experience designing and implementing DAGs (incl. Kubeflow)

– Possess great communication skills

– Have experience with microservices at scale

– Are familiar with statistics

– Have experience working in a startup environment (asset)

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