Machine Learning Engineer


Job Function
Toronto | Development | Intermediate

We are looking for a Machine Learning Engineer to join our Data Science Chapter – a team that is on a mission to make ecobee products more intelligent and personalized for our customers. We envision a future where all ecobee products in a home work synchronously and are more personalized to individual behaviour.

You will be joining a team of engineers that come from diverse backgrounds and experiences in the space of ML and AI. You will work closely with Product, Data Science and Business Intelligence teams across the company on missions ranging from personalization, recommendations, energy efficiency, home security, and building a cleaner energy grid. You will also be a part of ML infrastructure development to iterate quickly, scale experiments to data sets with hundreds of billions of data points, and rapidly ship products both on the cloud and on the edge. 

How you’ll make an impact:

– Build ML features on structured and unstructured content (telemetry, audio, video, user preferences)

– Manage the full ML development life cycle – from problem framing, data wrangling, and model development, to productization, experimentation, and maintenance

– Design and deploy ML features at scale keeping in mind correctness, usability, interpretability, experimentation, and maintainability

– Leverage existing state-of-the-art tooling – Dataflow, Airflow, Mlflow, Kubeflow, and BigQuery to name a few

– Determine the feasibility of initiatives through quick prototyping with respect to performance, quality, time, and cost

– Collaborate with cross-functional teams of software and data engineers to build new product features

– Leverage your experience to drive best practices in ML Engineering and mentor other engineers on the team

– Defining scope, requirements, and success metrics for ML projects.

What You’ll Bring to the Table:

– 3+ years’ experience putting ML into production using frameworks such as Scikit-learn and Tensorflow

– Experience working with data at scale (1TB+), leveraging data processing frameworks like Spark and Google Cloud Dataflow

– 3+ years’ experience in software engineering and DevOps practices like incremental delivery, CI/CD, testing pyramids, debugging, and monitoring to name a few

– Strong understanding of Scrum/Agile development technologies

– Skilled communicator with a proven record of leading work across disciplines

– Experience optimizing for resource constrained edge devices is a plus

– Interest in climate change mitigation and sustainability is a plus

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