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This is a critical role at PUSH that revolves around helping our team build new features in our web platform. You will work with a hybrid local and remote web team as well as our mobile, algorithms, and QA groups to help us ship quality product on time.

Our web platform is an important component of our PUSH System as all our coach clients utilize it to create their training programs and review their athlete performance data collected using the PUSH Band wearable. Learn how athletes use sport science and technology to take their training to the next level.

Our web platform is built using Angular and Couchbase but we’re currently exploring alternative back-end solutions. Check out our feature in Google’s recent Keynote and a case study with Softball Canada if you’d like to learn more about our product.

Candidates with minimal Angular experience will be considered, provided they can show evidence of talent in coding and problem-solving.

You have the right experience if you:

+ 2-3 years of web development experience using Angular and/or Couchbase.

+ Worked with cross-functional teams across mobile, QA, and others on a regular basis

+ Coded for fun and see the world in if statements and for loops.

+ Some level of relevant formal education in university or college.

You’re a great fit if:

+ You like working on backend code and DevOps tasks

+ You want to grow with the product team

+ Excited about working out with our technology in the weight room as part of your role. (Free Gym Membership Included and the gym is by our office).

+ You are excited by the field of sports tech and interested in solving tough challenges.

+ You can build great relationships with product managers, designers, and developers.

+ You like to roll-up your sleeves and figure things out. Not sure how to do something? You’re the type of person who enjoys figuring it out and getting it done, fast!

+ You like being accountable for meeting deadlines. We’re a small team that’s growing fast and we’re relying on great and reliable software for a big part of that growth.

+ You’re proud of your Smash skills and think you can be competitive among the other members of the development team.

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