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At MedStack, we are a purpose-driven company and foster a culture of trust, freedom and learning. The chance to work at the intersection of passion, purpose, and skill draws the bright innovators that make up our team.

Whether you are coming from a startup, a scaleup, or a global enterprise company, if you have the hands-on B2B (or B2C) SaaS experience, have a passion for building technology-agnostic solutions that streamline complex work, a team-first approach, and the ability to quickly apply new technologies, we want to hear from you. 

Right now, we are looking for a Full Stack Developer to join our team, tackle new challenges, and build solutions that are resilient, scalable, and repeatable. This is an opportunity for someone who wants to be part of our mission, enjoys collaboration, and is excited to work in close partnership with the Product Manager. This is a remote position and we welcome applicants from across all of Canada.

What’s in it for you:

The impact. Every day, you will sit down and know that you are building technology that matters. You can seamlessly blend the challenges and excitement of a startup environment, fast-paced development, complex problems, and cutting-edge tools – to build meaningful solutions. You will be professionally rewarded knowing that you are part of our mission to enable the continued innovation and improvement in health care. 

The reality of seeing your work come to life. As a result of working under the guidance of the Product Manager, you can be confident knowing the code you build is directly solving a customer problem. We don’t have a ton of meetings – that enables you to focus on executing the mission.

The technology. Our core service is built in Ruby, JavaScript (in the browser), and utilizes Azure, Docker, PostgreSQL, and ElasticSearch. We also have supporting tooling and services written in Go-lang, Python. We are flexible with languages and tools, using whatever is most effective for the work at hand.

The exciting project work. As we grow our market reach, we want to ensure the tools we build can scale to support our clients’ needs. You will be part of our current initiative to divide our application – and the individuals doing the work – into a front end team focusing on the full page app and a back end team working on APIs and the platform. You will have the opportunity to both specialize and gain exposure across the layers, working to optimize every aspect of our platform.

The work-life balance. You will appreciate being part of a small – but scaling – company, where not only can you get your hands dirty working on customer solutions, you can shut down at a respectable hour and have a fulfilling life after business hours.  

The growth and autonomy. You will be a valued member of our development team, interacting with concepts from idea to deployment, learning as you go, teaching others, sharing research, and being able to apply it. You will work with freedom, flexibility, and the chance to take ownership of important projects, grow into a more senior technical role, across to product or into people management.

How you will make a difference:

– Architecture and development. You will:

– Develop features, including evaluating, recommending, and implementing new frameworks and tools as necessary to optimize our stack for robustness.

– Build integrations with internal system-level APIs. 

– Design DevOps influenced workflows.

– Implement security best practices.

– Implement third-party libraries and services as necessary (billing, monitoring, etc.).

– Find the root cause. You will work directly with customers, diving deep to understand the issues they are experiencing (beyond first-level support issues), translating technical to non technical, researching, testing, documenting, and understanding bugs. Inspired by the philosophy of Site Reliability Engineering, we provide customers with access to 24/7 support, as a result, you will be part of an on-call rotation schedule. You can expect on average one after-hours call per 1-week shift. 

– Solve new problems. You will solve operational issues, identify patterns, and work with the Product Manager to determine if a functional iteration is needed. 

– Build features. You will assist in scoping new customer requests as prioritized by Product Management. You will independently, or as part of the team, design, develop, and deploy new features, focusing on the end-to-end process.

What you bring:

– The drive to learn. You are continuously seeking knowledge and opportunities to try and test new tools, technologies, and approaches.

– The self-direction. You can independently own and meet your deliverables, and you are equally comfortable working as a contributing member on a small, collaborative, remote team.

– The demonstrable experience. You have professional experience as a Full-Stack Developer, building and shipping products and writing code using JavaScript and relevant frameworks. You have experience with Ruby or can pick up the language quickly. You are familiar with DevOps culture and processes and have experience with cloud providers (AWS, Azure, or Google Cloud).

– The communication skills. You are open-minded, appreciative of diverse opinions, and you welcome feedback. You are comfortable using a range of digital tools to communicate problems, opinions, plans, and solutions to your teammates. You can build relationships in remote environments.

– The motivation. You have a strong interest in improving healthcare for people. You have the enthusiasm for making it easier for other developers to build digital health apps.

– The passion. You work on personal projects. It could be volunteering in your community; learning to play an instrument; participating in team sports; being in a book club; keeping up with the latest podcasts; or adding to your Github. Whatever it is, you do it with dedication and you reach for the challenges and absorb and apply new information.

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