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BioRender is hiring our first Data Engineer to join our Growth Engineering team to enable teams across the company to make data-driven decisions. You’ll work closely with our CTO to architect and build the foundation of our data warehouse, and to create reporting tools for internal teams.

Our ideal fit

– Has a strong sense of ownership, likes to work cross-functionally, and increase efficiency across teams

– Strong work ethic with a focus on delivering results

– Excellent communication skills – ability to explain complex solutions/problems clearly and succinctly to the team and to people outside the team

– Growth mindset, excited to learn new libraries / technologies (but practical about adopting them for production)

– Detail-oriented, process-oriented, data-focused, very good at picking up on data inconsistencies or details that others might miss

– Sets a high standard on code quality, tests, and code review

Within your first two weeks, you’ll:

– Create a health audit of our existing data & reporting and identify opportunities for improvements.

– Put together a plan to increase data accuracy and make the right data accessible across the company.

– Learn everything you can about our users, the product, and internal processes.

– Meet with key team members to learn about their key frustrations when it comes to data. 

– Document database schemas for our core data tables and a system diagram detailing integrations with all of our core services.

– Identify key areas of improvement and create a plan to improve data accuracy within the first two weeks.

– Review our core reporting dashboards – provide a review of the queries in place and outline any incorrect assumptions and its impacts.

Within your first three months, you’ll:

– Execute on the plan to increase data accuracy and make the right data more accessible across the company.

– Restructure our database tables, building additional data services or additional integrations (e.g. stripe, hubspot, CSM tools) to ensure that we have right data that can be easily queried to answer the internal teams’ most important questions.

– Identify and analyze usage and persona patterns of most engaged users and propose changes (e.g. A/B tests to run based on core analysis or onboarding optimizations to activate users).

What you bring to the table

– 3 years of Data Engineering experience in a fast-paced environment working with large datasets and architecting how data is stored

– Demonstrated ability to solve complex architectural problems, think about tradeoffs, and systems design.

– Excellent technical communication skills (code documentation, architectural documents, and presentation).

– Proficient in database design and SQL

– You are legally authorized to work in Canada

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