Job Function
Ops & Admin
Toronto | Ops & Admin | Senior

The Chief of Staff will work alongside the CEO to support the growth of the company through preforming strategic business analysis, creating reports and presentations, facilitating the alignment across teams through documentation of key processes and ensuring alignment on goals and initiatives.  

In this role, you will:  


– Create executive-level reports and presentations summarizing key market trends and recommendations to accelerate the growth of the company 

– Analyze the effectiveness and efficiency of business processes and develop strategies for enhancing them 

– Integrate new or revised business processes for incorporation into strategic decision making 

– Perform data analyses as requested; develop and present ad hoc reports in support of various business process initiatives 

– Lead and partner on special projects for areas across the business including business development, strategy, finance and operations 

Research and Report 

– Stay on beat with market trends within the energy space and the impact and opportunities they have on the business 

– Collaborate with executives on the creation of board updates 


– Work in partnership with executives toward building decision-making frameworks that drive alignment on strategic goals and initiatives 

– Identify bottlenecks and blind spots while transitioning successful initiatives to all parts of the organization 


– Become a core part of the team responsible for steering the overall direction of a high-growth Canadian cleantech company. 

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